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Scopes of activity


  1. Coordination and representation of interests of the members of Association.
  2. Legislation in the fields of planning, constructing, managing and maintaining sport and leisure infrastructure.
  3. Initiatives and proposals for legislation concerning the members of association.
  4. Standards and regulations of planning, constructing, managing and maintaining sport infrastructure, technical standards, working regulations and financing.
  5. Planning, preparing investment expert's detailed report and construction of sport and leisure infrastructure.
  6. Energy supply systems.
  7. Urbanism and environment sustainability. Reconstruction and building sport infrastructure.
  8. Promotion of sport centers at presentations, fairs and business conferences in Slovenia and abroad.
  9. Research of present state and development trends in sport and leisure infrastructure.
  10. Information systems of sport centers. Internet communication system.
  11. Education, training and consultancy in planning, constructing, managing and maintaining sport and leisure infrastructure. Training programmes and study tours in Slovenia and abroad.
  12. Training programmes for managers, heads of facilities, maintenance experts and other profiles of workers in sport centers.
  13. Marketing of sport infrastructure services and programmes of sports, culture and entertainment for children, youngsters, students, recreational sportsmen and women, athletes, seniors, tourists and other users and visitors.
  14. Cooperation with international associations of sport infrastructure management and sport federations.
  15. Consultancy services for the members of association. Other activities.





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